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音樂次文化 第123集


嘉賓: 周啟生
主題:周啟生笑談音樂人生 (上)

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101-Black Sabbath - Iron Man
102-陳百強 - 偏偏喜歡你
103-Emerson Lake & Palmer - Nutrocker
104-周啟生 - Comfortably Numb

201-Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug
202-周啟生 - 淺草妖姬br />203-周啟生 - Space Factory
204-沢田研二 - 時の過ぎゆくままに

301-Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way
302-Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
303-周啟生 - 不能替代你
304-Visage - Fade To Grey

音樂次文化 第122集


嘉賓: Downer, Terry
主題:Downer 丹娜樂隊 專訪

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101-Downer - If
102-Downer - Swallow
103-Mogwai - Sine Wave
104-The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me

201-Downer - Silence
202-Radiohead - No Surprises
203-Downer - The Blessed Girl
204-Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Their Helicopters' Sing

301-Eels - I Need Some Sleep
302-Beach House - Wild
303-Downer - Dancing With My Own Shadow (playing with my own version)
304-Downer - Goodbye

音樂次文化 第121集


主題:FACT 502: Factory Records 曼徹斯特工廠

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101-Joy Division - Incubation
102-Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark ‎– Almost (7'' B-Side)
103-A Certain Ratio - Do The Du
104-Durutti Column - The Missing Boy

201-Stockholm Monsters - Partyline
202-The Other Two - Tasty Fish
203-Section 25 - Knew Noise (Producer: Ian Curtis, Rob Gretton)
204-The Wake - Talk About The Past (7'' Edit)

301-The Names - Night Shift
302-Royal Family And The Poor - Art On 45
303-Minny Pops - Secret Story
304-James - Hymn From A Village

音樂次文化 第120集


主題:Disco 的士夠格

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101-Ottawan - D.I.S.C.O.
102-Chic - Le Freak
103-Bee Gees - Staying alive
104-Eruption - One Way Ticket

201-Boney M - Daddy Cool
202-Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money
203-Anita Ward - Ring My Bell
204-ABBA - Dancing Queen

301-MECO - Star Wars Theme
302-Villiage People - YMCA
303-Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
304-The Nolans - Sexy Music

音樂次文化 第119集


主題:Charity Song 慈善歌曲

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101-George Harrison & Ravi Shankar - Bangla Dhun (Edit) (The Concert for Bangladesh 1971)
102-Olivia Newton John & Andy Gibb - Rest Your Love On Me (Music for UNICEF Concert 1979)
103-Led Zeppelin - Rock n Roll (Live Aid 1985)
104-Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas

201-Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Run The World (Sport Aid 1986)
202-USA For Africa - We Are The World (USA For Africa 1985)
203-The Crowd - You'll Never Walk Alone (The Bradford City Disaster Fund 1985)
204-Hear 'n Aid - Stars (Full Version)

301-Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My (Farm Aid 1985)
302-Various Artists - Ferry ' Cross The Mersey (Hillsborough Disaster 1989)
303-Northern Lights - Tears Are Not Enough (Famine in Ethiopia 1983-1985)
304-Ferry Aid - Let It Be (12'' Mix) (Ferry Aid 1987)

音樂次文化 第118集



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101-Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita
102-RAF - Self Control
103-Modern Talking - Brother Louie
104-Ken Laszlo - Tonight (A=P Mix)

201-Fancy - Lady Of Ice
202-Joy - Touch by Touch
203-Bad Boy Blue - You're A Woman I'm A Man
204-Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

301-Silent Circle - Touch in the Night
302-New Romantique - Shy Like An Angel
303-Sandra - In The Heart Of The Night
304-Savage - Don't Cry Tonight

401-Various Artist - Remix Mega-Mix (DJ Peterson Remix)

音樂次文化 第117集


嘉賓:Eddie Hui
主題:Elf Fatima 十五年後再從高處墮下

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101-Elf Fatima - Frozen Forest
102-Heresy - Thursday I Die
103-Elf Fatima - Immerse
104-Elf Fatima - 喃

201-Elf Fatima - Blind Cinema
202-Elf Fatima - fourtracksonetakememory
203-Elf Fatima - 妒忌 (組Band時間創碟號)
204-Elf Fatima - Adam Killed Eve (Eden Mix by Slow Tech Riddim)

301-Elf Fatima - 螻蟻
302-Elf Fatima - Lost
303-Heresy - Odour Of Pain (Juno Mix)
304-Elf Fatima - 昨晚再從高處墮下 (noise version)