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音樂次文化 第746集


節目:音樂次文化 2019年1月10日
主持人: Cello, Gary
主題: Run-DMC

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101 Walk This Way
102 Sucker MC's
103 Jam-Master Jammin
104 It's Tricky

201 It's Like That
202 I'm Not Going Out Like that
203 Mary Mary
204 King Of Rock (Live Aids Version)

301 My Adidas
302 You Be Illin'
303 What's It All About
304 Bounce

401 Come On Everybody (feat. Q-Tip)
402 Down With The King (feat. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth)
403 Queens Day (feat. Nas, Prodigy)
404 Take the Money and Run (feat. Everlast)